The Virgin of El Pilar

Saragossa (Spain)

The Virgin of El Pilar

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Fatima, Lourdes, El Pilar, Guadalupe, Montserrat, Covadonga.

The Virgin of El Pilar (Saragossa)

From the first appearance of the Virgin Mary before the Apostle St. James during his return trip from the Iberian Peninsula to Palestine, the Marian tradition has been an integral part of Spanish spirituality and daily life. Above all, we wish to highlight the historical importance of the Virgin of the Pilar in Saragossa: The extraordinary appearance of the Virgin before St. James during her mortal life—she did not travel outside her native Palestine, and her presenting the column (pilar) that she brought with her to build the First Marian Temple of Christianity, and the association of the Virgin of the Pilar with St. James have been fundamental in Spain’s Christian heritage.

Other Marian Sanctuaries of great historical and spiritual importance that go back to the Middle Ages are Covadonga (Asturias), Guadalupe (Caceres) and Montserrat (Barcelona).


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