The Virgin of Fatima

Fatima (Portugal)

The Virgin of Fatima

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Fatima, Lourdes, El Pilar, Guadalupe, Montserrat, Covadonga.

The Virgin of Fatima (Fatima)

In the year 1917, while half of Europe suffered through a devastating war and the other half suffered its repercussions, the Virgin Mary reappeared in Fatima before Lucia and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco on various occasions and then before numerous witnesses, with similar messages. Since then, Fatima has grown to become the principal Marian sanctuary of Portugal, with thousands of pilgrims visiting it every year.

Other Marian Sanctuaries in Spain of great historical and spiritual importance that go back to the Middle Ages are El Pilar (Saragossa), Covadonga (Asturias), Guadalupe (Caceres) and Monserrat (Barcelona).

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