Pilgrim’s Prayer in the Camino

The night before we started our last 100 + km to Santiago, we drove from Madrid and stopped in one of my favorite places, O Cebreiro, where are the limits between the Bierzo mountains and Galician mountains, where we visited at first its Romanesque church and learned about the miracle that happened there. The little church is kept by the Franciscan friars and you can feel upon arrival something very special in there.

                             Here is the Pilgrim´s prayer, I would love to share with you:

Although I may have traveled all the roads

Crossed mountains and valleys from East to West,

Id I have not discovered the freedom to be myself

I have arrived nowhere

Although I may have shared all of my possessions

With people of other languages and cultures,

made friends with Pilgrims of a thousand paths

or shared albergues with saints and princes

if I am not capable of forgiving my neighbor tomorrow

I have arrived nowhere

Although I may have carried my pack from beginning to end

And waited for every Pilgrim in need of encouragement

Or giving my bed to one who arrived later than I

Given my bottle of water in exchange for nothing

If upon returning to my home and work

If I am not able to create a brotherhood

Or to make happiness, peace ad unity

I have arrived nowhere

Although I may have food and water each day

And enjoyed a roof and shower every night

Or may have hade my injuries well attended

If  I have not discovered in all that the love of God

I have arrived nowhere

Although I may have seen all the monuments 

And contemplated the best sunsets

Although I may have learned greeting in every language

Or tasted the clear water from every fountain

If I have not discovered who is the author

Or so much free beauty and so much peace

I have arrived nowhere

If from today I won’t continue walking on your path

Searching and living according to what I have learned

If from today I do not see  in every person, friend a companion on the Camino

If from today  I cannot recognize God

The God of Jesus of Nazareth

As the one God of my life

I have arrived nowhere


                                                                           Pilgrim’s Prayer by the Franciscans

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